This is an introduction to statistics that demonstrates general concepts and elements in a statistics course. It is an online learning tool for statistical analysis and combines text book and statistical analysis using a statistical tool called R. The goal is to help you learn statistical concepts in a hands-on online environment where you can analyze, compare, and visualize your own data


What is statistics?

Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting data (Moore & McCabe).
It is a technology that describes and measures aspects of nature from samples (Whitlock & Schulter)

Website format

Each statistical topic will be introduced in a 3 tab section format.

Topic Overview

This tab will introduce the topic by presenting its definition and concept.


Contents of this tab gives an insight on how the concepts learned can be applied to in form of examples.

R Exercise

Contents of this tab lets you test the knowledge of the material learned from the Lesson and Example tab. R commander/ R Studio will be introduced as tools (if applicable) to help calculating and analysis results effectively.


For the Exercise section, it is recommended that you understand the structure of the analysis tool R and install all the components before beginning the lesson. Please read the following overview and instructions HERE