About the PLAY Project

Play is the primary context for infant learning and is foundational for all domains of healthy development—cognition, language, social interaction, motor action, and emotion. Before children begin formal schooling, play occupies nearly all of their waking day. In the first years of life, play provides an unparalleled window into typical and atypical patterns of development, and it is an ideal context for understanding development in children around the globe.

Video uniquely captures the nuances and details of natural behavior and the surrounding context, and video can be used and reused by experts in multiple domains.

The Play & Learning Across A Year (PLAY) project will create a large-scale shared corpus of video of natural infant play from homes in varied locations across the U.S. Researchers with expertise in multiple domains of infant behavior (physical and motor development, communication and gesture, object exploration and play, emotion, gender, home environment, media) will contribute to the collection and coding of these videos, and will use the data to address questions about infant learning and development. The shared corpus will ultimately be shared with the entire research community.

PLAY Project Databrary Volume

Launch Group

Adolph, Karen New York University
Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy Temple University
Barr, Rachel Georgetown University
Namy, Laura Emory University
Tamis-LeMonda, Catherine New York University
Gilmore, Rick The Pennsylvania State University
Claxton, Laura Purdue University
Franchak, John University of California, Riverside
Gill, Simone Boston University
Haddad, Jeff Purdue University
Hauck, Janet The Michigan State University
Heathcock, Jill The Ohio State University
Lee, Do Kyeong The California State University, Fullerton
Lee, Mei-Hua The Michigan State University
Prosser, Laura Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Schmuckler, Mark University of Toronto Scarborough
Walle, Eric University of California, Merced
Casasola, Marianella Cornell University
Fausey, Caitlin University of Oregon
Frank, Michael Stanford University
Goldin-Meadow, Susan University of Chicago
Iverson, Jana University of Pittsburgh
Lew-Williams, Casey Princeton University
MacWhinney, Brian Carnegie Mellon University
Naigles, Letty University of Connecticut
Rowe, Meredith Harvard University
Sheya, Adam University of Connecticut
Soderstrom, Melanie University of Manitoba
Song, Lulu Brooklyn College
Warlaumont, Anne University of California, Merced
Yoshida, Hanako University of Houston
Yu, Chen Indiana University
Bornstein, Marc NICHD
Boudreau, Jean-Paul Ryerson University
Brandone, Amanda Lehigh University
Dusing, Stacey Virginia Commonwealth University
Karasik, Lana College of Staten Island
Legare, Cristine University of Texas, Austin
Libertus, Klaus University of Pittsburgh
Lockman, Jeff Tulane University
Needham, Amy Vanderbilt University
Oakes, Lisa University of California, Davis
Rochat, Philippe Emory University
Vishton, Peter College of William & Mary
Wang, Su-hua University of California, Santa Cruz
Amso, Dima Brown University
Berenbaum, Sheri The Pennsylvania State University
Bradley, Bob The Arizona State University
Buss, Kristin The Pennsylvania State University
Evans, Gary Cornell University
Goldstein, Michael Cornell University
Halim, May Ling The California State University at Long Beach
LoBue, Vanessa Rutgers University
Messinger, Daniel University of Miami
Olson, Kristina University of Washington
Perez-Edgar, Koraly The Pennsylvania State University
Pomerantz, Eva University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne